What is an All in One?

What is an All in One?
This nappy is like a fitted nappy with a cover already attached, or a pocket nappy with the absorbent material sewn into it. This means it goes on just like a disposable, with no extra bits needed. Some styles may also include added boosters to reduce drying time.

Advantages: As simple to use as a disposable (very baby sitter, grandparent and husband friendly); No need for stuffing or covers; Convenient for having in your nappy bag when going out.

Disadvantages: Slower drying due to the many layers that make up the nappy; Can be expensive.


Newborn to fit approx 2-5.5kgs
Small to fit approx 3.5-8kgs
Medium to fit approx 5.5-12kgs
Large to fit approx 9.5-16+kgs

Bubblebubs All in One modern cloth nappies are a true all in one nappy and need no extra bits and pieces. The simplicity of these nappies makes them perfect for carers and dads. Our AIO nappies have a touch tape closure which gives a wonderful snug fit. The clever design of this nappy gives great pootainment, far superior to disposables!

Our AIO modern cloth nappies are quite the fashion item, with beautiful pictures carefully sewn onto the tabs and beautiful minky or cuddlefleece as the outer fabric your baby will be the talk of the playground!

Our AIO cloth nappies are made from an outer fashion fabric outer including Minky and PUL. Hidden within the nappy is a layer of PUL, polyurethane laminated fabric specifically designed to be water resistant whilst still being breathable, this layer plays an important role keeping the liquid in the nappy where it belongs. The perfectly positioned hidden booster is made from super absorbent bamboo sewn to a layer of cotton flannel which adds stability to the nappy. The inner of the nappy is made with cotton velour, perfect if you prefer a nappy with a natural fibre inner. An extra velour covered bamboo booster is sewn to the inside of the nappy, again positioned perfectly to give the maximum absorbency where its needed. Our nappies close with touch tape which gives a customised fit.

Our All in One modern cloth nappies are made in Australia by a team of work at home mums. Extra care is taken by each and every one of our mums to ensure that each Bubblebubs nappy is the very best quality. To ensure the quality of our fabrics we use custom milled fabrics and only the best quality elastic, we have a 6mth workmanship warranty on our nappies.

At Bubblebubs we take pride in the nappies that we produce, and quality check our nappies every week.