Essential Oils: Gift of the Earth for All to Enjoy

By Jessica L. M. Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABHIM





Take daily (1–2x/day) for immune support, or more often (3–6x/day) for bodily support during seasonal threats or long-lasting immune stress.* doTERRA On Guard is one of my favorite blends because it empowers individuals and families to take charge of their health needs and get results. Whether in doTERRA On Guard Plus capsules, diffused, or topically, I never miss a day.


Apply on the chest before getting into the shower or before a workout for a natural wake up and improved sense of deep breathing.


After an intense work out or after a long day at the computer, treat your muscles. Apply Deep Blue after a hot shower or sauna or under a hot compress for targeted relief. This blend is supportive for discomfort of all kinds. I always finish with taking a deep breath from my hands to mentally let the stress go.


This oil is great to have on hand for frequent use when additional immune support is needed.* Remember, it’s hot. Always dilute heavily if using topically. Try adding 1–3 drops of doTERRA On Guard and Oregano into a capsule for adult internal use.*


Diffuse for an uplifting aroma. Cleansing to the body and household surfaces, including wood. Try adding 1–2 drops to your smoothie or water. Citrus oils add flavor and variety to my water, making it easier to drink more and stay adequately hydrated. I rotate among the citrus oils to expose my body to a variety of constituents, just as you would eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.


“When in doubt, use Frankincense.” The historical background and modern research of Frankincense yields impressive results. Try applying doTERRA Frankincense Touch along the spine. This is my favorite single oil because it supports a healthy nervous system.* If you enjoy using Frankincense, then try DDR Prime, a blend that contains it. Remember the power of synergy between oils.


Soothing to summerrelated skin irritations. Calming for everyone from baby to grandpa. Supports an environment for restful sleep. My oldest son’s favorite oil is Lavender because of the connection he has with its calming and restful properties. Most nights he chooses to use it both in the diffuser and on his feet.


Soothe head tension by applying at the temples. Add one drop on the tongue for a breath freshener, or diffuse for a natural perk up at any time of day. For some time, I have foregone all forms of caffeine in favor of this healthier choice. 

DigestZen® Supports healthy digestion.* Our digestive track is where most of our immune system resides and where much of our detoxification occurs. Staying regular is key to our body’s effective elimination of toxins. Try DigestZen Touch for a pre-diluted, easy application. I ask my older children if they prefer it “on their belly or in their mouth?” when the need arises. Giving them these choices (topical vs internal) creates a great sense of empowerment to have a voice in their wellness journey. In my experience, it is interesting to note that they choose internal when the need seems more intense.

Essential oils are potent ‘gifts of the Earth.’ Use them wisely by following the drop per day guidelines found at: